Custom Aquarium Installation Melbourne

Luxury Aquarium Design

With a passion for aquatic life and a love for aquarium design and architecture, Niche Reef Aquariums creative team designs the most captivating aquatic concepts. Based on the client’s visual idea as well as the property’s architecture and interior style our bespoke installations create wow factor in any environment.

Aquarium Design and Installation

Design and Installation

If you are looking for an aquarium installation, residential or commercial, please contact our specialist team to discuss the process. During the aquarium installation, all on-site activity is managed to ensure the pre-approved plans are constructed as agreed in the design and construction planning stage.

Aquarium Repairs, Servicing and Maintenance

Aquarium Maintenance

Our dedicated team offers professional, ongoing aquarium maintenance service of the highest standards. In order to develop any tank perfectly, it must be delicately nurtured and patiently matured. Good aquarium maintenance results in a healthy aquatic environment. Our team is dedicated to overseeing this ongoing process.


Let’s chat! We begin with an initial conversation. We want to hear your vision, whether it be an idea, a feeling, or a detailed description of your ideal aquarium ecosystem. We’ll have questions for you and will want to know all about your end goal. We thrive off of your enthusiasm and encourage your to be as creative as you want- we will guide the way!

Site Survey

Once we understand your vision - it is time to meet on site and conduct a complete walk-thru of the space. Haven’t broken ground yet? No problem. Let us review your blue prints or floor plans to determine what’s needed. We will work with your architect, builder and interior designer to make sure all necessary provisions are implemented.

System Design

It’s time to get to work! We will provide you with a thorough proposal that details all of the components of your new aquarium and answers any remaining questions you might have. We guarantee our unrivaled system designs are of the highest quality and utilized the latest technology to ensure your aquarium will thrive for a lifetime!