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When should I contact Niche Reef Aquarium design to plan my aquarium project?

We want to be involved from the start.  Custom saltwater and freshwater aquarium installations are completed throughout many phases of constructions so the sooner, the better. Whether your project is for a private residence or commercial premises, we can install aquariums in a wide range of locations across New South Wales Central West, from private homes to schools and colleges, museums, offices, hotels and restaurants. Studies have shown that aquariums reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure and improve feeling of wellness. They provide a sense of serenity and their tranquility promotes overall good health. In the home, they are interactive fun for all the family whilst also create a calm environment. In the workplace, they are proven to enhance staff morale and boost the mood of both colleagues and clients.

Our People

Let’s chat! Our process will begin with an initial conversation. We want to hear your vision, whether it be an idea, a feeling, or a detailed description of your ideal ecosystem.

Personalised Service

When we understand your vision, it is time to meet on site and conduct a complete walk-thru of the space.


During the aquarium installation, all on-site activity is managed to ensure the pre-approved plans are constructed as agreed in the design and construction planning stage.

Niche Reef Aquariums of The Central West, NSW, offers a full range of professional aquarium services from design to installation and service throughout the Central West and surrounding area. 

Our experienced creative department can design, install and service a wide variety of fresh water and saltwater (marine) aquariums for your home, office or business. With our attention to detail and creative designs, we can be your “go-to” company to help you incorporate any size aquarium into your space.

Custom Aquariums In Melbourne

Our professional aquarists design, install and service breathtaking custom aquariums in The Central West, NSW. We combine art and science to create one-of-kind aquatic displays for commercial, residential, and entertainment businesses. Niche Reef Aquariums offers a full selection of freshwater and saltwater aquarium designs. Our complimentary on-site consultations determine individual design, installation and structural requirements for every aquarium design project we handle. Choose from a magnificent array of freshwater, saltwater, reef and coral designs.

Fresh Water Aquarium Design & Install

Saltwater Coral Reef Aquariums 

Coral reef saltwater aquariums are visually mesmerising and require intense lighting, turbulent water movement and more stable water chemistry than fish-only marine aquariums. Careful consideration is given to which animals are appropriate and compatible with each other to mimic their natural habitat.

Saltwater Fish Only Aquariums 

These are the easiest setups to maintain within the saltwater aquarium world. With visually striking species that are spectacular in colours and character, fish only aquariums are dazzling but easy maintenance displays. 

Freshwater Aquariums 

For those wanting the simplest of setups, freshwater cold and tropical systems are the perfect choice.